The Olson International Service Foundation

 A non-profit foundation dedicated to improving the life and health of those living in countries outside the United States and to honor the lifelong Rotary contributions of Floyd & Sandra Olson.

Where there is illiteracy or dirty water, there is need.

The Olson International Service Foundation was founded in 2006, in honor of Floyd and Sandra Olson. The Foundation supports international projects with an emphasis on sustainable potable water and literacy projects. Since its inception, the Foundation has raised over $480,000. The current endowment is over $470,000. Some $140,000 has been awarded to communities in Peru, Guatemala, Kenya, Philippines, Ethiopia, and other nations with a total project value over $1,000,000. Olson focuses on partnering with other organizations in the communities they help.

Our Mission

Reach out to communities, in developing nations, to develop sustainable clean water solutions, education and nutrition.

What We Do

We assist communities who select projects and contribute labor and funds and manage/maintain the project to provide water systems, education and other assistance. We also work with many Rotary clubs to help them and encourage their involvement in International projects.

OUR BOARD PRESIDENTS – current and past

Tom Borgen, President

Jeff Harris
Retired Community and Economic Development

Dr. Bob Martin
Retired Physician

Gary Glein
Entrepreneur / Investor – Owner of Tower Lanes

Our Projects

The Foundation partners with others, obtains matching grants and utilizes contributed services from communities to maximize leverage and to increase commitment to successful projects.

The following are some of the projects we have undertaken:

2008 – 2014
Constructing numerous water and sewage systems in poor communities near the coastal city of Camana together with the Camana Rotary club and the contributions of money and labor of the communities themselves. Additionally, a group of Peninsula High School students traveled to install and train Camana students and teachers in computers and software.

2014 – 2018
Constructing community water systems in Guatemala – Ixil Maya communities. With contributions from the three Gig Harbor Rotary clubs, Rotary District 5020 and the Olson Foundation, a water system for some ten communities providing clean water for more than 10,000 people.

2015 – 2023
Providing an educational system to 75 communities allowing more than 15,000 students to leapfrog the current inadequate educational system. This project is a partnership with eight Rotary clubs in three nations.

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